Installing Bastille's Requisite Perl Modules

Bastille is basically self-contained, but it requires a perl module to provide its interactive front-end. The perl module basically supplies the graphic or text-based graphic functions needed for Bastille to display its menus.

If you're using the graphical interface (GUI), you need perl's Tk module. If you're using the text-based interface, you'll need perl's Curses module.

You can often download the module you need as an RPM, using this table of RPMs. If not, the following instructions cover installing the module using CPAN.

  • First, instruct perl to download the module you need, like so:

        # perl -MCPAN -e install Tk
  • Perl may ask you the following question:

       Are you ready for manual configuration? [yes]

    You can usually safely answer this question "no", which tells perl's CPAN module to auto-configure itself non-interactively. Either way, follow the prompts to complete the installation of the module you need.