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Bastille Linux - How to Help

What Can I Do?

There are many ways to help, whether you're a developer, an idea person, a standards participant, a writer, or a quality-assurance (Q/A) person.

Quality Assurance Engineer / Beta Tester

Like every software project, Bastille has great need for quality assurance people. Creating low-bugcount software isn't easy, but it's far easier with testers. We definitely value their help. To help test, first contact project lead Jay Beale. Decide on a platform or set of platforms on which you'd like to focus. Next, just start running Bastille on that platform while looking for bugs. The more systematic you can be in your testing, the better. For instance, to test the Assessment mode, the best case is where you toggle settings back and forth, re-running Bastille between the cases and checking that it correctly measures the toggled state of the system. Less-thorough methods (like just testing one run) help us and are welcome, but we always need someone to take the more thorough approach.


Developers can contribute to Bastille in the obvious way: write code! To be more specific, developers should ally themselves with one or more of the following goals:

  • Creating new hardening and assessment items or modules
  • Porting to a new platform or enhancing support for an existing platform
  • Enhancing existing user interfaces (UIs) or creating new ones
  • Testing back-end code

To help with development on a particular platform, please contact the Development Coordinator for that platform. These follow:

Platform Development Coordinator
Red Hat Enterprise Jay Beale
Fedora Core Jay Beale
Debian Javier Fernandez Sanguino
Gentoo Brian Stine
SUSE Jay Beale
HP-UX Robert Fritz
Mac OS X Jay Beale


Like every Open Source project, we're always in need of more or better documentation, from manuals to short HOW-TO's. We're eager to have the help of people with strong communications skills. Simply contact Jay Beale or the development coordinator (see above) for the platforms on which you'd like to focus your documentation.

Idea People

People with ideas for features or hardening content are always very welcome. Bastille improves with your ideas, sometimes by leaps and bounds. The best way to contribute ideas is to sign up for the bastille-linux-discuss mailing list and to start contributing.

Standards Participants

We're very eager to have Bastille help to implement the variety of hardening and auditing standards being used. If you're participating in the creation, maintenance or propagation of a standard, we'd welcome your ideas and your help. We'll consider you an "Idea Person" (see above) who possibly contributes a number of group-held ideas.



Bastille Linux Beta Testers

If you want to test the current beta release, it's at:

You can report bugs best with our Sourceforge Bug Tracking System.

Finally, contact project lead Jay Beale (jaybealebastillelinux dot com) to gain credit for reporting bugs.



Bastille Linux -Contact Info

* For technical questions, or to join the Bastille Linux development team, please contact Jay Beale

Bastille Linux -Mailing Lists

To join our mailing lists:

Bastille Linux Announcement List ce

Bastille Linux Development List

Linux Security Announcement List

Jay Beale, Bastille's Lead Developer, writes articles and is working on a book. You can receive notices of new articles (and the book's upcoming publication) by subscribing to his informal, anonymous, about-once-a-month, announcement-only mailing list. To subscribe, just send an e-mail to jaybealebastillelinux At gmail DOT com.